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We are B-bar-H

We ‘re family owned & operated and located in the heart of Southern Utah.


Our herd is with us from birth and pasture raised. No added growth implants or hormones, no added antibiotics and definitely no mRNA vaccines. They spend their days in a low stress environment, moving between pastures to ensure they have 24hr access to fresh, green grass. In the harsh winters of Utah, we do supplement our cattle with an alfalfa hay that we grow and harvest on our ranch.


We are able to finish our cattle two ways, 100% Grass Finished and Corn/Grain Finished. (Grass Finished avail Summer 2024). The natural corn/grain finish enhances the marbling, softness & general flavor of our beef. Our cattle are still grass fed during their graining which makes them grass-fed 94% of their life.


Our beef is dry-aged for 21 days which allows for a deeper flavor and gives the beef’s natural enzymes a chance to dissolve the fibrous fibers, naturally tenderizing the meat by relaxing the muscle proteins. All of our meat is harvested humanely at a local family owned Utah processing plant & is USDA inspected then vacuumed sealed.


We understand how important it is to build trust with the ranch or farm that you get your meat from; it’s the meat that feeds your family. You can't get any more important than that. That’s why we will always try to be as transparent as possible and committed to providing the BEST meat possible.

“Best quality meat I’ve had, and will definitely be back for more”

Daniel C. (verified purchase)

”Best quality, taste and service we’ve ever had! They delivered it right to our home!”

Sarah W. (verified purchase)

“ thank you for the best steak I have ever had. So tender and YUMMY.”

Lee K. (verified purchase)

”we like our steak and red meat, and they by far have the best!”

Noel W. (verified purchase)

”The hamburger, steaks & roasts are the best we’ve ever had. Bought a half cow and next time going for a full cow. Also, their brats are amazing! So many delicious flavors! 5 stars for sure”

Deborah B.

Why we chose to raise Berkshire pigs.

From our family to yours.