Shipping & Refunds

Shipping Policy 

B-H Premium Meats orders are currently only available for shipping via UPS. We only ship Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. These days ensure that your order is not held in transit at a UPS hub over the weekend. This means that an order can be placed on a Wednesday evening, may not ship until that following Monday, and may not arrive until that  Wednesday or Thursday.

B-H Premium Meats is unable to offer refunds of any kind as a result of damage or delays caused by UPS, or any other carrier. In the event that any issues arise, claims will need to be filed with the carrier directly and not B-H Premium Meats.

Orders are shipped in heavy-duty Styrofoam containers with dry-ice packets in order to maintain a safe temperature during transit. If there is any dry-ice left upon arrival of package do not attempt to touch or pick up with bare hands. B-H Premium Meats is not responsible for mishandling or handling of dry-ice without proper gloves/protection.

B-H Premium Meats is not responsible for any errors made by customers while entering shipping information. Please be sure to double check that all fields are filled in correctly prior to completion of payment.

Refund Policy 

B-H Premium Meats does not offer refunds for any reason. In the rare event a refund may be issued, it is solely at the discretion of B-H Premium Meats, and is not guaranteed. In order to ensure prompt resolution of any claims, photo/video evidence is greatly encouraged.

All claims must be filed within 72 hours of receipt. We are unable to offer compensation of any kind resulting from errors made by the customer when entering shipping or other information. 

By purchasing from us and choosing to have your order shipped, you understand that we are not responsible for any packages once they have left our warehouse facility. For example, if your order is not delivered, lost in transit, is damaged due to rough handling, experiences delays in transit, or is stolen after delivery, these are things outside of the control and responsibility of B-H Premium Meats and must be taken up directly with the carrier. We are happy to provide supporting documentation or other information to support your claim, but will not be able to file the claim on your behalf. 

B-H Premium Meats is also not responsible for packages delivered and left at the doorstep, causing the meat to defrost. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that arrangements are made to ensure the products are not left out for an extended period of time.