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PRE-SALE Whole Beef- Grass Finished

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A whole Beef yields around 400+ pounds of Grass-fed and Grass Finished Angus Beef. Meaning the cow was Pasture Raised with nothing added go their diet. 

All of our beef is Dry Aged 21 days to perfection. 

That's over 1,000 meals and will feed your family for 9-12 months 

 200lbs of Dry Aged Ground Beef (in 1lb packs)

200+lbs of Steaks, Roasts, Ribs and more. 

TYPES OF CUTS: STEAKS Ribeyes, T-bones, New York Steaks, Rancher Steaks (chuckeye), Filet Mignon, Top Sirloin Steaks, Round Steaks  ROASTS Chuck, Rump, Sirloin Tip, Shoulder Roast and Tri-Tip (Round Steaks, Fajita, Stew or Kabob meat can be substituted for roasts). 2 Briskets and 1 Hanger Steak. RIBS Short, Dino & Asian Style ribs. ALSO Canoe Bones with marrow soup bones and Dog Chew Bones. Liver, heart, tongue & oxtail are also available. 

Storage: You'll need around 16 cubic feet of freezer space for a WHOLE beef. For reference, a normal kitchen freezer is about 5-6 cubic feet (less with an ice maker built in). 

Delivery is free to Cedar City & surrounding areas. Other arrangements or pick up in person can be coordinated. 

For shipping, cost would be estimated via UPS 2 day ground or air. Please email customerservice@b-hpremiummeats.com prior to purchasing.

There may be a wait time if we do not have the Whole Beef physically in stock but we will let you know accordingly.

Please reach out to us, via email or phone, with any questions regarding cuts or specifics. 

*** all products are vacuum sealed and USDA inspected